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Dr Bryonie has helped me with not only my headaches but with my stomach issues too. Alongside the adjustments she performs, she has given me exercises to do at home to help with my recovery and improve my posture. The weeks that I do not have my Chiropractic care, I can notice the pain increase and I get instant relief when I am adjusted. Cannot recommend her enough!

IAN, 55

I started having Chiropractic care as my partner was seeing Dr Bryonie regularly for her adjustments and she had raved about how much they had helped her. I had the usual aches and pains that I put down to aging, but I also have diabetes which was affecting the feeling in my feet. I noticed that after having regular chiropractic care with Dr Bryonie, my aches and pains had reduced and I was able to move more easily. I also noticed as time went on, that I was starting to regain some of the sensation back in my feet which I thought was lost from the affects of my diabetes. I still see Dr Bryonie as regularly as I can to help keep my body moving and functioning at its best.


I have struggled for years with lower back pain, resulting in 2 operations to help with my symptoms. Alongside this, I also have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus for which I regularly suffer flare ups of severe pain in my back, joints and widespread pain all over my body. I found that regular Chiropractic adjustments greatly help to increase my comfort and flexibility, allowing me to move more easily. I will often feel an instant improvement in my symptoms following my adjustment and always notice that after having my adjustments I have more energy and improved sleep. Although I still struggle with these conditions, the Chiropractic care has helped to improve my quality of life.


My daughter Belle has been having chiropractic care on and off for the past year and a half. She first saw Dr Bryonie as she was struggling with extreme constipation which was resulting in frequent trips to the GP and hospital. Dr Bryonie noticed that Belle had imbalances in her pelvis and some tension in her stomach and lower back which could be contributing to the constipation. Belle loves her adjustments, when she see's Dr Bryonie she always asks to be the first in the family to be adjusted and its one of few times I see her lying down so calmly whilst having her chiropractic care. After the adjustments Belle's bowel movements usually improve significantly and she also sleeps much better as well. We continue to have adjustments as a family to help keep our bodies functioning as well as possible and have even started care for our other daughter who is 1 to help prevent any issues developing for her later in life.

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